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Kalahari Edu Online Application


Application Instructions


Application Details

1. Make sure you downloaded the application form from dowloads link, fill the form and use guardin and student's national identity numbers or passport numbers as your signatures.


2. OR download and print clearly the application form, scan the filled document, rename it to your name_id/passport number. Example (kalahari_18052014) and attach it to apply, failure to do so will result in your application being unseccessful.

First Name:
Application Form:
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Application For Tittle:
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What's the staff saying?

Dennis Musau

Growing up i have always been fascinated by unknown success stories. To date it has become a daily practice and routine since i joined Kalahari. Big dreamers become part of Kalahari where the results speak unquestionably.


Paul Zuidzani

A God, Christian based haven of academic and moral resurrection. At Kalahari, lost and shuttered hopes of academic excellence are brought to complete restitution.


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