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Our fees and specific charges are available upon request and is depended mainly on the quantity of time  a student needs. Each subject to be tutored must get at least 2 hours per week. We take only a maximum of 5 Students per session to ensure quality attention to the individual student. NB: A Session is 2 hours, e.g. 6 hours a week means 3 attendances of 2 hours each


1. All fees are Calculated and paid Lump sum for the month.

2. The Month’s fee is paid in advance for following month.

3. Deadline for fee payment is four days into the month for which fees are being paid.


All lessons which the student misses shall be replaced free of charge to make up for them on the nearest mutually convenient dates, but there shall be no refunds. Refunds will only be given where the student could not start at all, or under special circumstances at the discretion of the Centre.


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What's the staff & Students saying?
Oarabile Radibe
The world is filled with challenges, the main achievement would be to face and conquer them. Kalahari has helped me in discovering who I am, academically, socially and spiritually.
Refilwe Gagotshajwe
Kalahari Tuition Centre has brought life to my academic life. I came to the centre to upgrade my points and tutors helped me to believe in myself and made all subjects I did simple. I thank God .

Moabi Otukile

My stay at Kalahari academically I improved from ‘CC’S’ to ‘A*s’ through determination, hard work and smart work. The morning devotions and Godly atmosphere of the school helped me to put God first.


Dennis Musau

Growing up i have always been fascinated by unknown success stories. To date it has become a daily practice and routine since i joined Kalahari. Big dreamers become part of Kalahari where the results speak unquestionably.


Paul Zuidzani

A God, Christian based haven of academic and moral resurrection. At Kalahari, lost and shuttered hopes of academic excellence are brought to complete restitution.


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