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Director and Founder

Mr. Daniel M Kithya

I hold a Bachelor of Education Science from Kenya University (Nairobi), Master Of Education (UNICAF) and currently pursuing PHD in Psychology (AIU). I posses over 20 years of teaching experience in both local and international systems of education

in teaching and supervising all subjects from grade 4 to form 6 (a level). My believe is that every child is a complete package from God and has the potential and ability to strive and become the best among equals. Being driven by this motivation, I am passionate about providing and aiding on-line Learning and tuition programme that brings out the best in a person.


I am a firm believer in discipline for success. Good planning followed by disciplined implementation such plans will always and has always exposed the best of performance in my students. Choosing me as your tutor positions you to receive the best and utmost help, encouragement and all round development as a champion. I am patient with each person I interact with in our programme borrowing from the historic leaf that that those initially rejected as slow and non-entities ended up shocking the world with humogous discoveries.


Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and many others have encountered being in the fore front of scientific discoveries. Therefore, you are making a great choice and encourage you to give me all your attention, you will be definitely at peace.


Staff Profiles

Paul Zvidzai (Tutor & Former Centre Manager)

I hold a Diploma in Education from Belvedere Teachers’ College an associate of University of Zimbabwe, currently pursuing a Bachelors of Education Degree in mathematics. I have experience dating back to 2004 up to date (16 years) of teaching mathematics and science, local and international syllabus up to form 5 level. I have also been able to teach even lower primary and upper primary levels. I believe that the change that we require to the face of the world begins with the teacher. His strength and weaknesses still remain conspicuous even without their mention.I also seek and value the child’s contact, attitude and discipline first before the academic positioning for it’s easier to work with a positive heart than a negative, but academically positioned child. Therefore working and choosing me as your online tutor will provide you with wings to fly higher where eagles soar. I welcome you to the world of possibilities and great discoveries. Choose me and discover your potentials.




Enrolled for Bachelor of Arts Humanities (BAH) at the University of Botswana in August 2006 and completed a four year programme in 2010. My main area/major was a double major in English Language/Literature and Environmental Sciences. I Joined Kalahari Educational Services in 2011 as an English, Literature, Social Studies, Development Studies and Geography tutor; A post I held for three consecutive years. I was appointed head of English Department in 2012 which I serve with great passion and enthusiastic. I will soon pursue my studies at the university of Botswana for Post Graduate Diploma in Education (P.G.D.E).


Vimbani Bwawa


I hold a Diploma in Education from Hillside Teachers College an associate of the University of Zimbabwe. I specialized in business subjects namely; accounting, commerce and a minor in economics, currently studying business studies and accounting. I have 11 years teaching experience, teaching business subjects both local and international syllabus up to level 5.I believe every child is capable of attaining results with proper guidance and a positive mindset from the student. I also believe in hard working. Without hard work it is impossible to attain anything in the academic world.


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